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Silas love, loved the information about it :)

Is he sick? He sometimes looks to be losing lots of weight, and very pale.

Not that I know of. But I agree with you, he does look a little peaked.

are you real

Real as in actually Silas Weir Mitchell?

No, I’m not.

Hello followers!

I’m looking for someone to help me run this. College just started and I’m going to be super busy this semester and I’d hate to see this thing die.

So if you’re interested in helping out, just send me an ask with your email and I’ll invite you to the blog.

Are you really THE Silas Weir Mitchell?

I’m afraid not, anon. This mod is just a lowly college student.

Who answers the questions? :P it says anything...

The questions are answered by one of the two mods who run the blog.

tell the voca de casado yes he is married. "sim ele é."

Thank you, very much!

Here is you answer, anon. 

Voce é casado?

I’m afraid I don’t know Portuguese, sorry! Is there a follower that could answer this for anon?


I cannot answer asks for whatever reason.

So anon who left a message, I’m not aware of a twitter or email, but I’m sure there’s a mailing address for fanmail.

I don’t know it, but I’m sure someone may?

Silas was born on 30 September 1969. Source: Ancestry. com

Many thanks! Here you go, anon.